From November 2000 until November 2001, I was involved in creating and producing Ouch!, a monthly theme based experimental performance, art and sound night. I also created and performed a new show every month It was a great arena to show the diversity of my performance style and a great excuse to make new costumes according to the theme.

Gangsta Moll. Imagine gambling dens and card sharks, gangsters and their dames…

This show was dedicated to Ma Baker, Calamity Jane and Dolly Parton. In a frenzied attempt to transform from one character to the next, it was reminiscent of the gun slinging days of old.

Pergatory. Will this crazed preacher woman win over the forces of evil…or merely succumb to them?

Does this look like a happy marriage to you?

Wannabe Rockstar. From delinquent schoolgirl to rock pig…all to the pumping sounds of Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher”.

Eroctica Aquatica. This is a tale of two mermaids and their aquatic adventures.”