Bad Kitty

Beware of this kitty, she rules the night
With razor sharp claws and teeth that bite
But wait there’s a twist, to this tale of fright…
Come check out the show to see such a sight!

This show has been performed at Hellfire, Sydney 2005 and XXX Burlesque, Melbourne 2005. It took the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride from fear to laughter.

Medical Procedures

This show toyed with restriction, addiction and role reversal. To set the mood the music was haunting, as I emerged bound and almost immobile. As the show progressed, my bindings were removed and I became the patient. In a ‘Fever’ fuelled frenzy, from patient I became the nurse. This show was performed at Hellfire in Feb 2005, Gurlesque (Sydney) and Dragkings in Melbourne.


As part of the 1997 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Marianella, Little Gazza Goodtime and myself participated in an exhibition called Autopsy- Deconstruction of the Fashion Industry. We created works that questioned the practices of sweatshop industries and the effect the manufacturing sector of the fashion industry had on the environment.

Greek Mama Cooking Show

This is a hilarious tale of a pregnant Greek Housewife preparing for a feast. Her husband is bringing the boss home for dinner and she wants to make some Greek sweets for them to enjoy…but it all goes terribly wrong! The Greek Mama Cooking Show has been performed in many venues over the years, including Gurlesque (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide), Dragkings, Ouch! (in it’s early form), and XXX Burlesque to name a few.

Internet Love Doll

With the craze for online shopping at fever pitch, and knowing all too well how addictive it can be, my Internet Love Doll show was born. I incorporated video installation, sound and movement. I love video backdrops as they add a whole new dimension to your work.


From November 2000 until November 2001, I was involved in creating and producing Ouch!, a monthly theme based experimental performance, art and sound night. I also created and performed a new show every month It was a great arena to show the diversity of my performance style and a great excuse to make new costumes according to the theme.

Peacock Show

This show displays both my costume making and performance skills. With the grace and arrogance of a peacock I flap my wings, strut my stuff and rile the audience up into a frenzy. This show has been performed many times from Gurlesque to 50th birthday parties, Dragkings, to weddings. A definite crowd pleaser!

Purgatory: Saint or Sinner

This performance is a tale of the struggles between good and bad, sobriety and temptation, heaven and hell. Sister Immaculate is torn between the glitz and glamour that the Devil has to offer, and the key to the gates of Heaven that the angel will bestow upon her if she follows the righteous path. Not for the faint hearted! This show has been performed at Sydney Hellfire, L’Erotica, Dragkings, and was born back in the days of Ouch!

Shotgun Wedding

This comedic show was performed at Gurlesque in Melbourne. It was the first time Gurlesque had used Crystal T’s as a venue. As a kid I grew up down the road from Crystal T’s…it was renowned as a male strip club. Lotsa ladies in the 80s went there to celebrate their Hen’s night. This show was dedicated to them!

Pink Pussycat Show

There have been a number of shows based on the Pink Pussycat. She is coy, and yet seductive, sexy and yet innocent, ladylike and yet provocative. A very complex creature some what like myself.

The symbol of the pink pussycat has been deeply etched into my subconscious and indeed my skin…if you look closely at some of the photos of myself, you will see the Pink Pussycat tattooed on my left forearm.

Viva La Section

As part of the 1996 Melbourne Fringe Festival, I collaborated with Marianella, Amy Gale, Leanne Rekow and Awombda to create the very controversial and thought provoking Viva La Section. This show was about vivisection (animal experimentation) and the effects the beauty industries and media have on animals and women. Unrealistic beauty comes at a big cost.


Twins was created as part of the 1997 Midsumma festival event, Software. Pax, Marianella and myself created a sound and movement piece questioning conformity and the ability to fit into the society ‘norms’.