Here’s an update of what’s now in store.  All things wrap are in; the stunning Kandinsky Pencil Dress and Belladonna Wool Tops are in, Velveteen Winter Button Ups, woolen dresses, stylish blouses, snappy suiting and loads of new and exciting accessories for local and interstate designers are available!!!

We have also got an collection of merino wool basics by Baselayer and heaps of pieces from Layer’d, including merino wool cardigans, jumpers and jersey basics.  We are also waiting on a shipment of gloves and scarves by St. Albans and Merino Snug…just perfect for the change in season and Mother’s Day!!!  Wow that was a mouthful.  I will get some images together very soon to entice you further!

We are still awaiting the much anticipated arrival of our new suiting plus some other gorgeous pieces.  To view what’s available so far from our new collectionCLICK HERE


What are your thoughts?