Hues Of Blue

Sorrento Jkt. & Roman Holiday web

Lulu is wearing the very chic Sorrento Jacket in BLU/pavone and matching  Roman Holiday Skirt.

Here’s a bit of styling and colour advice from someone who co-ordinates outfits for women most days of the week (that’d be me!)

Navy is the perfect option for those of you that don’t want to wear black. It is also a lot softer closer to your face, something that become more important as we get older.

I must say I have been loving navy for a number of years now. It’s just so sophisiticated!

Lulu is 5’11” and wearing a sz. 14 jacket and skirt.⠀

Roman Holiday Skirt

Sorrento Linen Jacket

Lulu is 5’11” and wearing a sz. 14 top and skirt.⠀⠀

Shoes by Preston Zly

2019 Spring/Summer: La Dolce Vita