Monochromatic With a Pop!

sprinkle-2018-aw_manchurian-dynasty-shirt-ink-steinem-slacks2What a babe Lulu is in this fab ensemble!  She is wearing the Manchurian Dynasty Shirt in TEXTURAL INK, Steinem Slacks in NAVY and the Reversible Leather Obi in NAVY & CREAM LEATHER/Striped Brocade (Striped Brocade side up)

To give the monochromatic pant an shirt combo a lift we have added the Reversible Leather Obi to the mix.  Not only does the obi add a bit of pizzazz to the look, it also defines the waistline.

Manchurian Dynasty Shirt ..NOT YET AVAILABLE
Steinem Slacks …AVAILABLE NOW (in store)
Reversible Leather Obi …MADE TO ORDER

2018 Autumn/Winter: Forbidden City