The film Noir femme fatale of the forties is a mysterious and seductive woman.

She will not be defined by the men in her life;
She is a powerful unrepressed woman, with a strong sense of self.
She exudes confidence, her body – her clothing, her words and self assuredness make her unforgettable.

Inspired by the practical and incredibly feminine silhouettes of the forties, Sprinkle’s AW2017 collection is all about nipped in waists, flattering frocks, luxurious & sensual fabrics, and elegant suiting.

Femme Fatale

Embrace your Inner Temptress.

Photography: Andrew Wuttke
Photographic Assistant:  Carmen Zammit
Styling & Set Design: Sprinkle
Hair:   Miss Nikki
Makeup:   Tamika Taylor
Models:   Lulu Mason, & Tamara Matecic

1.hayworth.eternal rose.200 2.fallen angel. blk.fractured spot.200 3.Cora.fractured spot.200 4.Cora. fractured spot. long shot.200 6.Fallen Angel. blk 5.kiss.eternal rose200 7..upper east side.blk.close 200 8.upper east side.blk.longshot 9.Ingrid top.sunset with skirtCLOSE.200 10.Ingrid sunset & leopard suit200 11.Leopard Suit.200 12.Leopard suit.back.200 13.kiss me deadly ALLEGRA 14.Fallen Angel.allegra 15.blk.plaid suit fron.200 17.blk.plaid suit back.200 17.blk.plaid suit.close up.200 18.Upper East Side Blouse.IVORY.200 19.Upper East Side Blouse.IVORY2.200 20.cora.atomic.frontt.200 21.cora.atomic.back.200 22.Kiss Me Deadly. atomic.CROP.200 23.HAYWORTH WD .blk200 24.HAYWORTH WD .blk.200 25.cora.concentric close.200 26.cora.concentric.sitting 27. Hayworth wd.polka.200 28.Fallen Angel. concentric 29.ingrid.storm.monaco sea legs 30..ingrid striped top.storm crop.200 31.Upper East Side Blouse.oyster. FRONT200 32.Upper East Side Blouse.oyste200 33.Cora. effervescent.200 34.Fallen Angel.effervescent.close.200 35.persian blue suiting.front.200 36.persian blue suiting.back.200 37.Kiss Me Deadly. effervescent.200 38.Fallen Angel.effervescent.200 39.persian blue jacket.crop.200 40.Persian blue with grey check skirt.200 41.Persian blue with grey check skirt2.200 42.HAYWORTH WD .blossom.200 43.Kiss Me Deadly. blossom.200 44.Pinstripe suit2.200 45Pinstripe suit.back.200 46.CORA.blossom.200 47.CORA.blossom.back.200 48..Kiss Me Deadly.polka.200