Office culture in the 60s was tough!
Gender lines were firmly drawn and women often found themselves overlooked, overworked and underpaid.

This autumn/winter Sprinkle is doing away with the typewriter, the Dictaphone and the discrimination. We will however be keeping the corporate chic attire reminiscent of the Stylish Sixties.

Tailored to fit and flatter your curves, you’ll feel comfortable, confident and empowered in your Sprinkle ensemble.
You will be ready for anything.

From the secretary pool to the executive suite, let’s embrace the power babe in all of us.

It’s time for a takeover, a

Corporate Coup

Photography: Andrew Wuttke
Styling: Sprinkle
Hair: The Distinctive Dame
Makeup: Evangeline Dickinson-Lowe Quincy Dee Creative Makeup
Models:  Lulu Mason & Suzie Stevens

Moneypenny WD. claret floral200 upper east side blouse.ruby200 Madison Ave pullover.claret floral200 Freidan cardigan.latte200 Moneypenny WD.leafy.200 Claret Plaid suit.200corporate coup.200 CEO skirt.claret.200 Paradigm Shift.leafy.SQU Friedan cardigan.blue2.200 Moneypenny WD transcendental200 Madison Ave.TRANSCENDENTAL.200. Revolutionary skirt200 revolutionaryparadigm.200t paradigm shift200 Paradigm Shift.purple200 Titanium blouse.SQU200. Friedan cardi.purple.200 quiet revolutionary wool200 Board Room Blazer.navy200 Moneypenny WD effervescen2.200 Board Room Blazer.checkCU200 Madison Avenue pullover.spots2.200.SQU Paradigm Shift.effervescent200 Board Room Blazer.check200 madison ave.MOD2.200 Upper East Side blouse.navy2.200 Board Room Blazer.grey check.200 Moneypenny WD mod200 grey check suit200 CEO skirt.claret.200CEO skirt.claret.200 Quiet Revolutionary and plaid skirt2.200 grey silk blouse1.200