For Spring / Summer 2015 Sprinkle is greeting the warmer months whilst celebrating her heritage, in her new collection

Ciao Bella

Inspired by the seductive elegance of the sumptuous Italian sirens of the 1950s and 60’s, Sprinkle salutes these iconic Italian beauties, their style and contribution to film.

This was a time when the emerging Italian aesthetic was broadcast to the world through evocative Italian cinema. A time when fashion was returning to luxury in a recovering Europe. When the reputation of light, unstructured and sleek Italian suiting and the use of innovative and striking fabrics propelled Italian fashion onto the world stage.

With beautiful fabrics and garments that are cut to flatter the curvaceous woman, Ciao Bella will fuel your own appetite for a taste of luxury. Indulge yourself.
Photography: Andrew Wuttke
Styling: Sprinkle
Makeup: Quincy Dee Creative Makeup
Hair: Vanessa Barney
Models: Hana, Lauren & Eleni