Indulge yourself in the decadence of 

‘Russian Princess’

Renowned for her flattering cuts and teaming luxurious fabrics with exquisite craftsmanship,
Sprinkle has created a collection that is all things regal.

Sprinkle’s great grandfather (or Zaida as he was affectionately referred to by her mother) was a tailor in Russia and a teacher of Russian dance. He danced for the Russian Royalty. Her maternal grandparents were involved in the ragtrade in London post WWII and her paternal grandfather made boots for Mussolini in Rome. With her lineage steeped in a history so rich with culture and cloth, it’s little wonder that Sprinkle has followed in the footsteps of her ancestors.

This collection is dedicated to Sprinkle’s maternal family…and her desire to reconnect with them after leaving Europe as a small child.

Photography: Leo Farrell
Make up: Monica Gingold
Hair: Pauli Blaxland
Styling: Sprinkle
Models: Simone, Daiana & Paula