Check Out Our New Website

Well you have probably noticed that our website looks new, fresh and EXCITING!!!

It has been a massive undertaking by the super talented Shane from It Does Computebut well worth the effort!!!  My new website is quite different to the previous one, so I’d like to take you through a few steps, so you can easily navigate and explore all the features.   First and foremost, our website is now responsive, which means you will be able to view the site on different devices in its full glory!

Today I’m going to introduce you to our HOME PAGE


When you land on our HOME PAGE, you will discover that our rotating images now expand across the full screen of your device, whether it be your laptop screen, smart phone or tablet

-At the top left hand side of your screen you will find the MENU BAR and a new and exciting SEARCH FUNCTION.

-Scroll Down your screen and you will discover a gamut of new and exciting things!!!

-The Home Page now includes Testimonials from some of our wonderful customers (click on the testimonial and it will take you to our page- Happy Sprinkle Customers).
You must check this out it’s awesome!!

-There is now a Subscriber Form on the home page, so you can receive our email newsletters (about once monthly)

-You will find all our Social Media tabs and our Shop icon

-There are also 3 columns on the Home Page: PAGES, COLLECTIONS & FRIENDS OF SPRINKLE.

-PAGES: click on any of these links and it will take you to various parts of our website

-COLLECTIONS: as the name suggests, clicking on the individual tabs will take you to different collections

-FRIENDS OF SPRINKLE:  these are other businesses, artists, creatives that have worked with or are important to me.

and just one last thing…when you do click on any of the links and you want to go back to where you were previously viewing, you will find what we call BREADCRUMBS at the top left hand side of the screen. Just click on the link  you want to go back to.

Sometimes trial and error is the best way to work out how things function.  Have fun and explore!!

I will get back to you soon with some more instructions about navigating the rest of the site xxx

PS:  I’d luv your feedback

What are your thoughts?